Road improvements are done at any time, and result in increased road altitudes. The higher roads increase the load of the land. The most effective way to reduce the height of the road is by removing the asphalt layer and then closing again by the new asphalt.

If we use conventional Asphalt to coat it we need a new aggregate and as we know, there is less aggregate availability in the wild today. Scrap waste from road dredging in Indonesia has not been utilized and the only way is to get rid of it and throw away any scrap requires no small cost.

We are here to bring new technology that is Asphalt Recycling. We process waste Scrap asphalt into new asphalt that can be used again. In addition to saving the asphalt that will be used we can also keep nature green (Go Green. Since the asphalt shell is reused, the use natural resources is suppressed.